Accounting as a Service - API Explorer

Use the API Explorer to learn about the API of Accounting as a Service, send test requests and get dummy responses.

Getting started

In case you are new to the Accouting as a Services System, here is a list of potential starting points that shall help you to get familiar with the the overall product and its available bundles.

Technical documentation

In case you would like to be introduced to the technical side of AaaS OS, the AaaS DOCS website might be the right point to start with.

Start reading the docs

API Exploration

In order to get an overview of the REST API of AaaS OS, the API Explorer is the right place to be. You will be provided with a list of all endpoints including all relevant technical details.

Browse APIs

Product information

If you are interested in getting a general overview of the AaaS Operating System as a product, you may want to visit the product page of our general website.

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